Monday 31 October 2022

Cabbie's Halloween

When I was a kid in the UK we didn't celebrate Halloween, but there was a time when I encountered the idea of vampires. I've no idea how, whether I saw something on the telly, or in a comic. Whatever or wherever, for a while I used to keep a bible under my pillow and pull the bedsheets tight under my chin so my neck was completely protected.

Cabbie's Halloween

When I go to bed tonight
I'll pull the covers very tight
So vampires cannot bite my neck.
The window catch I'll double check
And shine a torch beneath the bed
To thwart the devilish undead.

If daemons from the depths of Hell
Return to earth this night to dwell
Or restless ghosts about me fly,
Their tortured souls shriek out and cry,
On bedside table close at hand,
To stall a godforsaken fiend

I've bible and a silver cross
And glass of water I can toss.
I also have a good luck charm
To neutralise the evil harm
And heavy hammer made of lead
To pulverise a zombie's head.

And when the blessed sun's new light
Dispels the superstitious night
And birds with urgent, eager voice
Proclaim a new day, I rejoice.
I'll think I've been a silly sheep
And turn my head and go to sleep.

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